WHMUp New Site, New Rules

WHMUp New Site, New Rules

For 4 full years, I was releasing my modules with 100% visible source code and without using any license check. I was trusting people. I was expecting that some people will make multiple installation to other domains that they own, but ok, this is something that I can understand and accept. But what was my experience?

  1. People to buy them, download them, and in less than an hour of their order to chargeback the payment. In a time frame that it was impossible even to install, configure and test it.
  2. People to sell my modules as stand-alone products, or mostly as part of other services. eg part of a WHMCS theme. Especially for my Legal Agreements module, I found at least 2 theme at Themeforest, offering this module as part of their theme. They didn't even spent some time to hide themselves by modifying a bit the appearance or even use different filename.
After all, starting from 1st January 2021, and as a way to avoid unauthorized use of intellectual property, the code should be encoded just like the majority of WHMCS modules and WHMCS itself. All modules that released before 2021, will continue to be active with old license terms but it will move to Legacy Modules, and will continue getting only Bug fixes, but no any feature upgrade. Of course should be out of sales, available only to the old clients.
If you've bought any of my modules till 31st December 2020
  • Your license will remain active.
  • You'll continue getting bug fixes for your current version.
  • Your code will still be visible even with the bug fixes.
  • Your account will get credit in case that you want to upgrade to new versions:
    • 100% of the amount that you paid from 1st July 2020 till 31st December 2020
    • 50% of the amount that you paid from 1st January 2020 till 30th June 2020
    • Sorry, none credit for older than 2020 orders. But as I wrote before, your license will be active. Finally even with the old license terms the license for support was for 6 months. 4 years now, only one, yes one, has renewed his license.
    • Free licenses that I gave to clients are still active for the downloaded version.
How to get your credit
  1. Register in this site but don't order anything.
  2. Open a Ticket to Billing department, giving the invoice nbr of your payment, the date of payment, and most important your PayPal email address.
  3. You'll be informed when your account will be credited. After it, if you want, you can buy a new license for the same module or for any other service/module here.

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Updated: at 01/24/2021, 17:48pm

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