KiS Announcements

KiS Announcements

Since 2016, with initial release of my Blog Module, the most common question was if it's compatible with WHMCS Announcements, or if it can imports data from Announcements etc.

That's was the reason that I decided to release an improvement module for WHMCS Announcements. Actually is a shell to them so your don't have to worry what will happen with your current announcements. They'll be there, just with missing the extra features, unless if your decide to edit them.

What it does

Improves the Announcements section, by adding these extra features:

  • Use Prefixes (as many as you want) to categorize your Announcements.
  • Ability to add a Photo
  • Ability to add a YouTube video
  • Shows all these in Announcement Listing
  • Search for text in: Title, Article text, or in Both
  • Clickable Prefixes to show Announcements only for that Category
  • Adds full Open Graph meta tags, for social share (including photo)
  • Social Share to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest
  • Special design for your Homepage
  • Multilingual


Early Bird Discount 20% valid till Thursday 04 Mar 2021

Use Coupon Code: EBKISAPLUS

at 02/27/2021, 17:03pm

Updated: at 03/22/2021, 09:18am

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