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KiS Community

Seems that KiS (Keep it Simple) modules became more popular than my heavy modules like Forum. That's why, I'm happy to announce that I just finished a new module for WHMCS. Even if at a later time, it will be part of my Major WHMUp Module which will includes a special template and all of my modules, it will be also available as stand alone Module.

What is this module:

  • What I like more on this is the simplicity in use and the nice interface.
  • It's a Community module, but not heavy as the Forum module. As I said I focus to be simple. Your visitors will love to use it.
  • It Supports 4 types of posts.
    • Discussions
    • Questions
    • Suggestions
    • Ratings (Testimonials)
  • Does not supports categories but it supports searchable Tags. This makes the module more flexible as each post can have multiple tags.
  • Is totally independent from your clients data as it has it's own registration functions.
  • Even simple it has some useful features. eg in Questions the author can mark a reply as Best Answer. In Suggestions members can vote up/down to support or not the suggestion.
  • I follow the well known Facebook interface which (even if in person I don't like it), people are familiar with. This means there is no separate page for post, but there is Expand/Collapse function for long tests, and the comments (replies), are exactly the same as in Facebook.

In general, these are the current features. If you want to give a look on it, you can do it in my dev site:

I've created 3 demo users in case that you want to login:

demouser1 - demopass1

demouser2 - demopass2

demouser3 - demopass3




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