WHMUp Donations

WHMUp Donations

Accept PayPal Donations with IPN Support in your website the easy way, with this complete Donations Module.

How it works

Potential donors can see a sidebar widget where they can fill any of the data they want and after submitting the form they're redirecting to PayPal to complete the payment. On successful payment they redirect back to the site where they can see a Thank You page and on the same time they're getting a donation confirmation email.

Database changes

  • Adds a custom field "Donors" to client table
  • Donor field is available to Client Profile, Advanced Search, and most important to Email Campaigns so you can use WHMCS build in Email Campaigns feature for any promotion.
  • Donor, after a successful payment, is automatically added as Client but with Inctive Status, so he does not counts towards your License tier.


  • Module Active On/Off
  • PayPal API Username
  • PayPal API Password
  • PayPal API Signature
  • Minimum Donation Amount
  • Donation Goals On/Off
  • Show in Sidebar On/Off (Set it to Off if you want to include the form in another place of your page. eg Footer)
  • Show in Homepage On/Off

Admin Features

  • Add/Edit/Delete Goals: Currently Goals are for reference purpose only.
  • Browse Payments
  • Browse Failed Payments with Option to delete them
  • General Settings


  • There is an example form as guide in case that you want to place the form somewhere out of Sidebar. Keep in mind that some data (eg Goals list, Minimum amount) you must enter them manually.

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Hello It would be great if you also could implement donate in crypto currency, and stripe. Best regards

Anonymous | at 02/02/2021, 08:02am
Everything depends on the popularity of this module. But crypto currency is something that I want for my PHP scripts, so I can add it also here.
Chris - at 02/05/2021, 11:26am