What's Next?

If you wonder what's going on with other updates, stay cool. Just like whmcsBB and Legal Agreements, I'm working on updating Cart Plus and Social Blog. As I'm working on this site, some updates are already visible, even if most of them are not fully working.
So.... here is a summary of what to expect:
  1. Social Blog
    1. Multi language support. Is a feature that many clients asked for it, especially after the release of multi language Legal Agreements. In a short, you'll be able to setup categories for a specific language and this category, and all blog posts belonging to it (also subcategories), will be visible to users who have set one of the rest available languages in your site.
    2. Local commenting system. I'm sure that you'll love it, not only for the features, but mostly as the comments will remain in your own database.
    3. Some small but nice improvements, like "Next-Previous" posts.
    4. Also some design modifications and upgrade to Fontawesome 5. Also the Google+ link will goes retired.
  2. Cart Plus. Maybe it will sounds selfish but, I believe that this module will becomes the most valueable.
    1. Product Reviews only for clients.
    2. Ask Questions
    3. Suggestions
    4. Guides (Tutorials, Manuals and for any similar use).
    5. All the above are configurable per product and appear in separate tabs in product page.
    6. Many design improvements.
Stay tuned :) Maybe some of you didn't like that I changed the license terms, but be sure that I'll invest your money in regular updates.

- Chris

at 01/19/2021, 18:04pm

Updated: at 01/24/2021, 15:49pm

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