KiS WHMCS Modules

KiS WHMCS Modules

For years, I was spending months to code Addon Modules, trying to add as much more features, I was able to add. And I was always listening to users for new ones. I can't say that my final script was good. It was good. My mistake is that I ignored a very common suggestion from my users. "Very good script, works fine, but.... but is very complicated for my simple needs".

And this was true. Still remember my Commerce Addon for vBulletin. Even free, it had support for tangible products (who will uses a forum software to sell eg computers), it had support for EU VAT auto calculation, a feature that even now IPS does not supports it.

I follow the same "bad habbit" with my WHMCS Modules. Especially my Forum (and the upcoming new Cart Plus), have so many features, that prevents webmasters to buy and use it. That's the reallity. Maybe is a good forum, but is very "heavy" for WHMCS sites. You can see it even here. My Forum section is empty. Everybody, uses Support Tickets than Forums.

After all, I decided to start a new line of scripts. "KiS" (Keep it Simple). Simple mods, doing the most important tasks, easy to use. Don't underestimate their value. As you can see, my first module, KiS Cart, have a lot of features. The difference is that it's up to you to use them or not. Even letting it with out of the box settings, it will works fine.

In a short, here are the features of KiS Cart

  • Compatible as child theme of Standard Cart template
  • You can use this template per product group
  • Does not modifies at all WHMCS product table
  • You can upload as many photos as you want. If multiple photos, they appear as carousel with lightbox to be able to see the photo in full size
  • You can set up to 2 custom buttons, setting color, text, icon, open in new window or not
  • You can replace Order Now button with another one (Different color, different text, different icon, different link)
  • You can set a price (or text) to appear as ribbon. Ribbon color is configurable
  • You can set just a list of features, or, if you want, add more information which appears in a flipping panel.
  • Pricing tab is automatic, but you can add a text over price list
  • Visitors can ask questions per product. You can set to get this message by email, or to open a support ticket to a specific department
  • Antispam Features. On your decision you can activate when a message will be reject:
    • On Hidden IPs
    • When Email or IP is marked as Spam at
    • When the domain of the email is not active.
  • In addition there are settings for up to 2 blocks for your homepage. Please note that the PHP code exists, there is also a sample TPL file, but you must manually add the HTML code in your homepage.tpl. For each block (as I wrote up to 2), you can set:
    • Block Title
    • Block Subtitle
    • Product IDs to show

As you can see, even "Simple", it has lot of features.



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