Feature request: Private replies in threads

  • Feature request: Private replies in threads

  • Started by sldp,
  • at 04/19/2021, 11:15am

at 04/19/2021, 11:15am

Hello everyone,

I have a feature request for the forum module (I am not sure if this is the right place to post this, sorry!)

I would like to allow the users to add private posts in a thread. I mean, a message in a thread that only admins can see (maybe with sensitive info, passwords...).

That is the very basic, although I would be happy with just that. Some other ideas to improve that further:

  • Private replies can only be added if an admin allows the next reply to be private. So that the forum doesn't become a private ticket system.
  • Ability to add photos or attachments to the hidden/private replies too.
  • Auto-delete private/hidden replies after X days.
  • Ability to determine which roles can see the hidden/private replies.
Another way to do this, instead of allowing private/hidden replies (maybe easier):
  • Allowing the creator of the thread to add extra hidden/private information to the thread, and update it at any time (adding more if needed). I would add a textarea instead of predefined fields because the private data may be different in each case.
Thank you for considering this! I hope it is useful for some other people too.

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at 04/27/2021, 08:37am

As I already wrote in my reply to support ticket, thanks to my big library of scripts, I already have this feature in my PHP Forum script (which I never released). Just need to find some free time to implement it to WHMUp Foro. And I think that it needs some improvements as currently is for just private comments or replies. Maybe need to extend it to private threads.

at 05/21/2021, 16:27pm

Wow I didn't see your post, thank you very much. I hope we can have this feature implemented in the future :)
Have a nice day!