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  • Started by INCY,
  • at 04/26/2021, 20:20pm

at 04/26/2021, 20:20pm

Hello on the main page of your website you have the announcement of WHMUp I am looking forward to see what it can do the best part the homepage builder have you a demo what I can look at and what is the time fram for this being released ??
Thank You

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at 04/27/2021, 07:04am

I don't know if this page help you a bit as it contain only a few of blocks. This version is for just the Homepage using the default twenty-one template or any Bootstrap 4 template having it's own header and footer.
And this is with my template. Currently the difference is only the header.
I'm attaching 2 screenshots from Admin area. You can generate all blocks there, activate/deactivate them, change display order in page, and for sliders you've a real time preview.
PS: Please note that currently there are many hidden features and lot of unfinished block. For example a hidden feature is that per each row you can set different background color. Also some unfinished blocks are (Pricing tables, Search domain, F.A.Q etc etc).

at 04/27/2021, 09:26am

And by the way. What do you think that is better? To let the default NavBar (for Guests and Clients), or use Mega Menu which means a bit more work for you, but much more freedom on what options to display in your NavBar?

at 05/05/2021, 13:01pm

Sorry for the late responce but family commitments took over?
I love it as for the menu Im always trying to find the easy way round so the default Navbar would do but if it gives more freedom then the megamenu could there be a toggle switch to toggle between standard or mega ???.
So what is the timeframe for the whmup and the deluxe be avalible??

at 05/05/2021, 15:36pm

I want to be honest to you and to everybody who reads it. Especially for the normal WHMUp version, is not more than a day of work. This means that if I start it tomorrow morning, tomorrow night will be ready.
Honestly, even if last week was a great religion holidays in Greece, every day I tried to start (and finish) it, but I felt powerless. I'm feeling so disappointed with latest bad news for WHMCS. They're loose a huge amount of their clientbase, that's for sure. But finally, it's their own decision.
But their decision effects also a big amount of professionals (Coders, Designers), who invested on them. They drop us out of the ring. Worst of all, is the 2nd time that I'm getting this bad feeling. First was with vBulletin. In one day, they left me with 50+ addons, which means months of hard work, by jumbing from ver. 4 to 5, which is still (after 5 years), a s%$$^.
Same for WHMCS. I spent at least 5 months for 5 new modules, and now what? Who will buy them? Even those who will continue with WHMCS, they'll put all theit budget to pay those incredible rates, not to buy addons.
But ok. I know myself. Never give up and never leave something unfinished. So, maximum by the end of this weekend, the normal version (without Header, Footer, Menu), should be ready for public release. But I can bet that I'll not have more that 3-5 sales. Gurantee.

at 05/10/2021, 06:41am

Since yesterday the motor started again ???? But should be some limitations in the first release.
  1. Only the Hero slider and the section titles should be multilingual.
  2. Should be the simple version (Homepage Builder) which is good for all Bootstrap 4 templates and not the Deluxe version which will have Header, Mega Menu, and Mega Footer.
The first version will contains the most popular section types (More will be add at the future).
  1. General Sections
    1. Hero Slider
    2. Features
    3. Our Services
    4. Portfolio
    5. Domain Checker
    6. Testimonials
    7. Pricing Tables
    8. About Us
    9. Our Team
    10. F.A.Q & Contact
    11. Partners
    12. Statistics
  2. Data from my Modules
    1. KiS Announcements
    2. KiS Cart 1
    3. KiS Cart 2
    4. KiS Community (Discussions, Questions, Suggestions)
    5. KiS Community (Reviews)
    6. WHMUp Foro
    7. WHMUp Blog
I do believe that 19 types of blocks are more than enough for a good start. The exact same version I'll install in my site here.
Have a nice week

at 05/10/2021, 06:56am

WOW your are a star Chris
Looking forword to this one please let us know when a purchase link is avalible please.
Best Regards

at 05/10/2021, 07:30am

Are you pockets full of money Tim and you don't know what to do them? ???? Purchase link should be available when I'll release it. It took me the full day yesterday to make slider multilingual, and honestly, I think that it was a waste of time. Very few people operate multilingual sites. But I want to release something not just for today, but also ready for the future.
That said, I believe that in a couple of days should be ready. I'm feeling sad, but I think that I must also remove the forums from this site. For sure is a powerful module but is a boomerang when there is no content. I think that KiS Community should fit better at least in my site.
So, when you'll see this site with a new look, then somewhere you'll find the purchase link ????

at 05/10/2021, 07:44am

Hi Chris
I wish I did have pockets full of money with this pandemic I lost a lot. Im on the bones of my *** lol.
I nearly bought the forum module and the Kiss Comunity last week when I purchased the Kiss Cart when you had your sale on but funds was the issue I didnt want to just buy a yearly module. I havent Installed the Kiss Cart yet I was looking for the Instructions but could not find them.
I will try to get it installed this week though.
And I got to say I love your theme of your site it looks so tidy.
All the Best

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at 05/10/2021, 08:33am

Bingo ???? You're right. Haven't wrote instructions for KiS Cart. So when you're ready to install it, open a ticket, to help you or install it for you.
Also, check your account. I mean "My Licenses" section.