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*** Important Notice before you place an Order ***

  1. WHMUp Deluxe Homepage Builder Edition is not multi language.
  2. Works only with Twenty-one template or any template compatible with Bootstrap 4. That said, is not compatible with Six Template.
  3. Most probably should not work with any template (even Bootstrap 4) which does not allows changes to homepage.tpl


WHMUp Deluxe ver. 1.0 that I released today (May 21st, 2021), has only the follow sections functional:

  1. Hero Slider
  2. Features - Highlights (3 blocks)
  3. About Us
  4. Our Services
  5. Pricing Table
  6. Our Team
  7. Portfolio
  8. Testimonials

All sections are fully configurable from Admin area, you don't have to edit any template file.

On Tuesday, May 25, 2021 I'll release ver. 1.1 with the follow additional sections.

  1. Domain Checker
  2. Common Questions
  3. Partners
  4. Statistics


Finally, on Friday, May 28, 2021 I'll release ver. 1.2 with the rest sections, which actually are sections displaying data from my own modules (WHMUP and KiS Series).

  1. WHMUp Foro
  2. WHMUp Blog
  3. KiS Announcements
  4. KiS Community (Discussions, Questions, Suggestions)
  5. KiS Community (Reviews)
  6. KiS Cart 1st Block
  7. KiS Cart 2nd Block


New Feature in ver. 2.0 - Under Construction
New Feature in ver. 2.0 - Under Construction
New Feature in ver. 2.0 - Under Construction

License Terms

Lifetime usage
6 Months Support
6 Months Upgrades
1 Domain Installation
Brand Free (No Copyright Links)
100% Visible Source Code

- Discounts for longer periods apply
- Triennially: Lifetime Support/Upgrades

$30.00 USD
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