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  • Compatible as child theme of Standard Cart template and Twenty-one
  • IMPORTANT !! It works only with Bootstrap 4 templates. That said is not compatible with SIX template or any Bootstrap 3 template, even if it's easy to modify the tpl file.
  • You can use this template per product group
  • Does not modifies WHMCS product table
  • You can upload as many photos as you want. If multiple photos, they appear as carousel with lightbox to be able to see the photo in full size
  • You can set up to 2 custom buttons, setting color, text, icon, open in new window or not
  • You can replace Order Now button with another one (Different color, different text, different icon, different link)
  • You can set a price (or text) to appear as ribbon. Ribbon color is configurable
  • You can set just a list of features, or, if you want, add more information which appears in a flipping panel.
  • Pricing tab is automatic, but you can add a text over price list
  • Visitors can ask questions per product. You can set to get this message by email, or to open a support ticket to a specific department
  • Antispam Features. On your decision you can activate when a message will be reject:
    • On Hidden IPs
    • When Email or IP is marked as Spam at StopForumSpam.com
    • When the domain of the email is not active.


In addition there are settings for up to 2 blocks for your homepage. Please note that the PHP code exists, there is also a sample TPL file, but you must manually add the HTML code in your homepage.tpl. For each block (as I wrote up to 2), you can set: Adds Subscriber to Clients table but mark him with status "Inactive" so there is no problem with your license level which counts active clients.

  • Block Title
  • Block Subtitle
  • Product IDs to show


New Feature in ver. 2.0 - Under Construction
New Feature in ver. 2.0 - Under Construction
New Feature in ver. 2.0 - Under Construction

License Terms

Lifetime usage
6 Months Support
6 Months Upgrades
1 Domain Installation
Brand Free (No Copyright Links)
100% Visible Source Code

Semi-Annually License
- Discounts for longer periods apply
- Triennially: Lifetime Support/Upgrades

$25.00 USD
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