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*** WARNING ***

Please be aware that new WHMUp Cart Plus (formerly Cart Plus), is not ready for download. It will be ready by the end of February 2021 with follow additions:

  1. Product Reviews only for clients.
  2. Ask Questions
  3. Suggestions
  4. Guides (Tutorials, Manuals and for any similar use).
  5. All the above are configurable per product and appear in separate tabs in product page.
  6. Many design improvements.

If you place an ordrer now, you can download only the old version which is compatible with ver. 2.0


Cart+ (Cart Plus) extends the poor design of WHMC product listing by giving you the ability to insert a product page between the Product listing and Add to Cart. Mainly focus to those who are using WHMCS for anything other than Hosting, but even for Hosting plans works fine as you can add plenty of details. Works with Products and Bundles too.

What extra information you can add:

  • First of all you'll decide what type of page template the product will uses:
    • None. In this case in the listing the button will links to cart.
    • Page with tabs. This is for those who add lot of data
    • Simple page. In this case all data will appear on the same (long) page
  • Product details using HTML editor
  • Requirements
  • Main Photo
  • Photo Gallery
  • File attachments
  • Links (eg Forums, Support, FAQ etc). Depending on your settings (per Link) you can open the link in new window or on the same window).
  • Versions
  • Comments. Comments work globally and/or per product. Available options:
    • No Comments
    • Disqus comments
    • Facebook comments
  • Rich content Social share to Facebook, Twitter, Google+
  • Licenses. This is very nice feature for those (eg selling themes and/or modules) who have different version. The product detail page is one but they can link as many hidden products they want
  • For Links & Licenses you can set even the button collor and for Licenses, in addition, the text to appear. eg Buy Now for most cases, but if it's a free download maybe you want to show "Download it".

There are also some global features like:

  • Currency converter in product pages
  • Has its onwn product.tpl, child template of standard_cart template but you can edit file theme.yaml and change to your own theme.
  • Unlike WHMCS product listing which displays products and bandles on the same listing, Cart+ displays bundles in the sidebar so they're more well visible.
  • Responsive design
New Feature in ver. 2.0 - Under Construction
New Feature in ver. 2.0 - Under Construction
New Feature in ver. 2.0 - Under Construction

Leased License

Forum & Ticketing Support
1 Domain Installation
Brand Free (No Copyright Links)

Semi-Annually License
(Discounts for longer periods apply)

$45.00 USD
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